Home Page Release Information (i-lign 9.0)

By now many of you will have seen our Home Page Prototype, which shows the improvements we’re working on for our next release (i-lign 9.0). These Home Page changes signal the beginning of our work to improve i-lign’s overall navigation.

Future releases will see elements introduced to the Home Page in this release, such as the Side Panel Navigation and Storyboard, extended to other parts of the application.

Our release date is planned for Saturday 21 September. This date is subject to successful completion of development work and testing. As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

The screen shots below show you the changes we plan to implement in our next release. Because we’re still working on this, the final version will differ from these prototype images.

Home Page Storyboard view

This Storyboard is designed for individual people using i-lign. The first row shows four Storyboard Bricks which relate specifically to each person. Much of the information can be entered by the individual. For example people have the opportunity to enter Profile information, add their Skills and Training and identify what Career Development opportunities they’re looking for. The second row focuses on their current work. The third row pulls in latest Conversations and Blogs.

The Blog functionality is new and provides people with the ability to discuss ideas and share information in a longer format than offered by Conversations. For example, Project Managers could write regular blogs to keep their stakeholders informed. People could blog about their ideas and potentially connect up with like minded individuals.

New Resource Information Pop-up

Currently when you click on a person’s name or thumbnail, provided you have the security permisson, you navigate to their Resource Page. In i-lign 9.0 a Pop-up will appear instead. This will include all of the information from the top row of the Personal Storyboard plus some generic information about their current roles in i-lign. Everyone will have access to this Pop-Up. Those who have the security permission, will also be able to navigate from the Pop-Up to the person’s Resource Page.

Home Page My List view

The look and feel of My List changes significantly in i-lign 9.0. Below are screen shots comparing the current My List view with the new one.

Home Page Board view

Below is a screen shot of the Board view in i-lign 9.0. As well as updating the look and feel, you can now move Action Items and Sticky Notes into the In Progress column.

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