Storyboard & Navigation (i-lign 9.1) – Release Announcement

We’re pleased to announce our Storyboard & Navigation Release (i-lign 9.1). Hosted customers will be upgraded during the evening of Sunday 22 March, pending final testing.

As you know, this release involves the introduction of Storyboards to Groups and Initiatives such as Projects and Programmes. As well, we introduce the lefthand Vertical Navigation Bar to these areas. The release extends the Home Page changes we introduced in i-lign 9.0.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

This release focuses on introducing Storyboards to Projects, Sevices, Activities and Programmes. We also update our existing Organisational level Storyboard and apply this Storyboard to Groups as well.

In terms of Navigation we replace the horizontal tabs currently used to navigate around Initiatives and Groups. The separate Delivery, Value and Organisation views are removed, with all information being visible and accessible from the left hand Vertical Navigation Bar.

Our intention is to follow-up this release with one which will introduce some of the views you may have seen on the Project Prototype which don’t currently exist in i-lign. We also plan to add additional Storyboards eg Portfolio Storyboards.

The screenshots below show the Project, Programme and Organisation / Group Storyboards and left hand Vertical Navigation Bar. The Storyboards give you an overall view, in real time. Clicking on the heading of a Storyboard Brick will navigate you to more detailed, related information.

Project Storyboard

Programme Storyboard

Organisation / Group Storyboard

Full list of changes

See here for a full list of changes and bug fixes.




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