i-lign rebrand to Legend for Business

The i-lign software has undergone something of a renaissance. The original concept for the software was to align people to people and people to work. Interestingly, this is very much the theme for our world of today. But we wanted to go deeper. Some years back we started a R&D initiative, supported by Callaghan Innovation, around the management of complex organizations, what new models of management could look like and how technology could help.

Our research quickly reinforced that management teams struggled to deliver to strategy and had minimal governance and oversight across the business; that most projects were seen as unsuccessful because they failed to deliver measurable benefits; that organizations were drowning in paper; and that people ā€“ your greatest resource ā€“ were shut out of innovation and decision-making, even at the most senior levels. This told us that new thinking at an organization-wide level was very definitely required.

Key principles that have underpinned our thinking and solution design included using data in real time versus persisting with paper reporting; organization-wide transparency versus silo-management; the democratization of work and workplaces versus command and control; and location-independence so your people could work remotely versus reliance on physical workspaces and the adjacency of teams. Our R&D has very much focused on People-first rather than just system-driven methods. This also means we constantly explore the dynamics of the whole of the business, not just its constituent parts. We also looked at product branding, marketing and licensing so that we could launch a new offering into the marketplace.

All of this has led to our new offering Legend for Business:www.legend.business. Existing customers will benefit from new features and functionality without being disrupted in any way. You will notice a name change from i-lign to Legend. New customers will be able to take advantage of a fully integrated solution built around the following three themes.


One of the most powerful parts of the new offering is the interactive Legend Storyboards which illustrate how data can be launched and then used to support work at every level of the business. They provide real-time content and context while eliminating the need for standard historic reporting. The Executive team has complete oversight of the state-of-play across any aspect of the business.
One of the unique features is that every Legend user has their own Personal Storyboard where they can see and manage their work. This is the perfect way to work remotely especially in our Private Cloud.

As always we will continue to invest in our product and advisory service offerings to ensure we deliver great value to our customers. To that end Iā€™m always up for a conversation.

All the best for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

Kind regards

Tony Crewdson CEO


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