Making the impossible possible

1-place to manage and transform your business. It’s a thing.

I often talk with Board Members and Executives about having a single management place to
get it all together’.

By this I mean thinking, planning, acting, working, balancing, problem-solving, deciding, managing, over-viewing, collaborating, sharing, growing, guiding, governing, leading, learning, delivering value, growing assets, and storytelling – alongside your people and stakeholders – and all in real-time.

Once I get to ‘all in real-time’ the reaction is always one of complete disbelief.

…a single management place to ‘get it all together’
…all in real-time

I’ve heard all of the following and more

“Don’t try it…it’s too hard…if it was doable someone else would have done it – there’s too many people in the business running their own agendas who’ll stop it – the thought of it scares me senseless because it obviously means major disruption to the way we currently work – I’ve worked in many large organizations, and have never seen it, so I don’t believe it – If this means complete transparency it’ll never fly – It’s Utopia…just won’t happen – Yeah right – prove it.”

It’s Utopia…just won’t happen

There are many great ideas out there about what better organizations could look like.  There are many ‘digital’ transformation methodologies and a lot of consistency across them.  I think we all understand what a high-performing organization looks like, at least in theory.  But moving from theory to practice has always been just a bit out of reach for many teams, and, in spite of the marketing hype around technology, it remains out of reach.

As it turns out what we’re actually talking about is rare. It’s all about a practical solution that connects-up the whole of your business, very, very rapidly, and, by so doing, completely flips management views, expectations and conversations.  The speed of deployment – days rather than weeks – weeks rather than months – further changes the game. The detractors can’t interfere. Staff, who know how the organization ticks, and stakeholders who need to know, are brought into the mix. Processes and structures that are clearly outdated don’t make it past the end of the first day, assuming sufficiently high levels of perspicuity and courage.

Here’s a thought – business technology that actually works.

Think about how you manage now and the difficulties you encounter every day. Think about how little time you have to think strategically or have rich, engaging conversations about innovation and growth. Think about time that could be spent better with your people if you weren’t wearing concrete gumboots. Imagine being able to turf out all those hard-copy Board papers. And replace them with a single interactive Storyboard that tells you everything you need to know.

Now think about what’s holding you back – it’s no longer the business technology.

Now think about what’s holding you back – it’s no longer the business technology.

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