Legend-for-Business in 2021

In the years leading up to the global pandemic organizational theorists and practitioners explored all manner of means to make organizations agile, lean and human.  Pretty well everything they tried in terms of methodologies and digital solutions fell short of expectations.   Some felt that our industrial-age frameworks of command-and-control ran too deep and interfered with new thinking.  ‘New’ solutions in most cases looked like a variation on existing modular and siloed themes. ‘Agile-at-scale’, which requires extreme flexibility of operation, often failed to take hold.

So as organizations were looking to transform the way they worked the results didn’t come. More projects failed than succeeded;  strategies and plans didn’t get delivered; leadership teams made critical investment decisions based on less than less than 5% of data available in the business; and year-on-year over 70% or more of people were disengaged from their organization. Nothing much changed.

Covid-19, with all the disruption it has caused, also provides us with an opportunity.  It has revealed, and accelerated, the need for organizational change on a global basis and identified where digital solutions may play their part at the enterprise-level. 

No one person, company or country has all the answers.  But collectively the answers are there.  The world needs NEW.  The world needs New Design, New Products and New Business.

What would it mean if you could See, Manage and Navigate across your entire business, top to bottom, end to end, and do so in real-time.

This is a game-changer. This is what Legend-for-Business provides.  New thinking for a new world. It’s available now.    


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